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SE Series

SE-5100A-HS Automatic Hot Shrink Packing Machine


Packing Speed

 ≤250Packs/Min(Depending on product specification)

Film Width≤600mm
Product Size165mm≤W≤200mm 50mm≤H≤120mm(Depending on product specification)
Cut-Off Length75- 9999mm
Heat shink tunnel 19KW(BSF-3000G) 23KW(BSF-4200G)  (Depending on product specification)
Machine Size(L×W×H)2500×1260×1800mm
Conveyor SizeCan be customized according to demand

Product description
  • Mosquito coil
  • Daily chemical
  • Bowl noodle
  • Cup noodle

1. Three-axis servo control for the whole machine, economical model, high stability

2. The three parts of conveyor belt, film supply and end sealer can realize single action, which can better meet the packaging requirements of different products

3. It can be matched with automatic film splicer to realize non-stop film change

4. Human-machine interface programmable touch screen (10.4-inch color touch screen)

5. The center sealer of the packaging machine adopts electrostatic adsorption type, which saves packaging materials and has a beautiful shrinkage effect.

6. The length of the hot shrink tunnel can be selected according to different packaging speeds to ensure the shrinkage effect.

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